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A different kind of travel podcast. Discover places through local voices & opinions (like a Scotsman in Scotland and Ireland from the Irish). Short stories on places, culture, history, advice & travel tips.

Listener Reviews & Comments

"This podcast is so much fun!"

"This podcast makes me want to dust off my passport and get going! Love the stories from other cultures"
-Duffash review on iTunes

"Amazing Stories"

"As a person who loves to travel, I love learning the stories behind the locations. Amidlife Traveler does exactly that. It gives the backstory behind places... great stories, great podcast."
- Mlwoodward review on iTunes

"Just what my wife and I need"

"This podcast is amazing! My wife and I are 6 months away from cutting the cord and traveling full time. This podcast has given us ideas of what to do and where to go ."
-Jason Herzberger review on iTunes

Things You Will Hear

Season 1: Learn about Scotland through the voice, humor & opinions of a Scotsman.
About Gathering of the Clans

About Gathering of the Clans

“And this is a very important day for Island and Highland men, because the chances are, this is where you’re going to meet your wife.”

About Scottish Whisky

About Scottish Whisky

“I tell you what guys it does work, whisky is like a little time machine.”

About the Scottish "Wee"

About the Scottish "Wee"

“We replace the word little with the word “Wee”… because it makes things sound very innocent.”